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Reduce Fuel cost $500K per ship annually


Our unique patented Dual Fuel Homogenization System is singular in design, custom, scalable, mature, 100% automatic, PLC controlled stand alone or it may be connected to the DCS. All system Parameters are displayed on a HMI in the control room. This system is installed “after the purifier” injecting a small volume of water, controlling water droplet size at 4 to 7 microns with 100% dispersion that will reduce fuel cost 4% to 6%. This system will reduce Particulate Emissions 60% while significantly reducing Sulfur dioxide emissions 50% to 60%. 

We have a system for installation “before the purifier” that is also 100% automatic, PLC controlled without injection of potable water, due to silicon’s attraction to water that will reduce all sludge to consumable fuel. This will reduce fuel cost 2% to 4% in addition to 4% to 6% savings of the system installed after the purifier. Moreover, eliminate storage space and manpower to dispose of the sludge.

There is also a system available to prepare cylinder lubricating oil/water emulsion that will drastically reduce cylinder lubricating oil consumption. Water droplets will not evaporate when prepared with our process.

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